Donations made by the Friends of the RUH – How we contribute to the RUH


Friends of the RUH fund a wide range of equipment for the RUH.
Below are just a small selection of donations the Friends have made to the RUH in the last financial year.

The Friends Coffee Shop

One of the largest contributions to the hospital has been the rebuilding if the Friends Coffee Shop. This provides a haven for patients, visitors and staff. As the Coffee Shop has such a large team of volunteers it enables huge profits to support the hospital, so the rebuilding of this is an investment for the future.  Please visit us and sample our delicious refreshments.

Emergency Toiletry Packs

£6,500 has been donated for emergency toiletry packs. These are given to patients who are rushed into hospital without the essentials. The packs contain toothpaste, soap, shampoo, comb etc. and can make a big difference to patients who do not have the essentials.

£2,034 for hanging baskets near the main Entrance of the RUH. Having plants and gardens around the hospital can help calm anxious patients and provides a welcoming environment


Along with £1,700 for the quiet gardens around the hospital, The Friends have been working on many small gardens. Throughout the year they are busy maintaining and developing the gardens.

£6,140 for a Therapeutic Bed Bike. This is a vital piece of equipment for rehabilitation after critical illness. The bed bike can be used for sedated, unconscious and conscious patients to prevent the progressive deterioration in muscle cells and improve the recovery in patients.

£7,910 has been given for new chairs for patients in the gynaecology waiting room. The older chairs were in a poor state of repair so having a nice comfy chair while patients are waiting for an appointment helps.

The friends purchased 4 handheld pulse Oximeters costing £3,050. A sensor device is placed on a thin part of the patient’s body, usually a fingertip or earlobe and measures oxygen saturation to gauge the patient’s health so the nurses can provide the best form of care.

£2,018 has been given for chairs in the waiting area of the emergency Department. The area is located in the department for relatives and loved ones who are waiting for information about a patient in high care or resus area. This can be very traumatic, so a calm place to sit down is much needed for anxious families. By finding new chairs the staff are changing the area to create a more relaxing environment giving a better experience for relatives.

Chairs for A&E