Friends Chairman’s Introduction


The Friends of the RUH have been going for nearly 60 years.  Our official name is the League of Friends.  We are an independent charity located in the Royal United Hospital Bath and we need your help to ensure our success continues.
We work alongside the hospital’s own charity, the Forever Friends, who deal with major capital projects. The Friends provide volunteers throughout the hospital, and raise money to fund amenities for patients, carers and relatives which the hospital would otherwise be unable to afford.
Our Board of Trustees has overall responsibility for directing the affairs of the charity and ensuring it is solvent and well-run.
I, Mike Roy, am the Chairman, and both my Deputy, Ian Hasell, and I used to work in the hospital. There are 10 other trustees, almost all of whom either are or have been volunteers at the RUH.
The Friends of the RUH is managed operationally by Rachel Sweet, the General Manager. The key area is Volunteer Services, which manages around 300 active volunteers who, if the time they put in was paid, would cost the hospital over £250,000 a year. We also have 2 businesses, the Shop and the Coffee Shop. These are professionally managed and have some paid employees, but are largely staffed by volunteers – this makes them very profitable.

Board of Trustees

The sum total of the work of the volunteers comes over in this guide, but whether your photo is here on the website or not, we say a big “thank you” to all of you for your contribution and commitment. However ‘behind the scenes’ you may feel the duty, and the work over and above the duty, is much appreciated by the Trustees, and by the hospital.

There are eighteen areas of volunteering listed on this website, comments from existing volunteers about why they enjoy their work, interesting facts about the work of the Friends, and information about how to join. If you are interested, please do get in touch by phone or come to the Friends Office – and enjoy our website!


Mike Roy

AGM Financial Reports and Statements 2015

The Friends of the RUH AGM was held on Tuesday 10th May 2016. An interesting and well attended meeting, many thanks to all who attended and special thanks to  our guest speaker Sharon Manhi, Lead for Patient and Carer Experience and Brian Stables, Chairman of the RUH. We would also like to thank The Vice Chairman of Bath & North East Somerset Council Cllr Ian Gilchrist and The Deputy Mayor of Bath, Councillor Shaun Stephenson-McGall.
Click the link below to download the Reports and Financial Statements for the year ended 30th September 2016.
The Clerk to the Board of Trustees receives all the applications for requests and you can contact Marion Gillett
on 01225 824046 on Monday and Thursday 9-1pm.