Resignation of Chair of the Board of Trustees

Stan Barker has resigned as Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Friends of the RUH. This was a planned resignation as he had previously stated that he would take up the position until the Charity had achieved CIO status (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) this happened at the end of September this year.
He took over the chair at a difficult time when, due to other resignations the board was down to four trustees five were needed to make the board quorate. No decisions could be taken. Gradually the membership built up and the Trustees could now work towards becoming CIO.
During his tenure Stan drew the Friends Charity closer to the Forever Friends by working on two joint ventures The Dementia Care Project, later called the Friendly Faces Project to to which we donated £24Kand the Critical Care Project to which we donated £150K
Although he has resigned as a Trustee he will continue as a Volunteer Guide every Friday morning where he has been for the last eleven years. Thank you Stan for everything you have done for the charity.